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Performance Nutrition 

Ideal Body Myrtle beach offers performance nutritional coaching for athletes of all ages. Our focus is on the development of athleticism over time to enhance physical performance, improve health and fitness, and develop confidence and competence. Every athlete strives for an edge over the competition. Daily training and recovery require a comprehensive eating plan that matches these physical demands. The keys to peak nutrition performance aimed to complement your training and competition are offered at Ideal Body Myrtle Beach. 


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“Consistency is the key to unlock your bodies potential. By continuing Ideal Body’s Performance-based Nutrition plan, I was able to drop an additional 2.4% body fat (BF 9.6%) and add 1.3% lean muscle mass (LM 45.1%).” -Ken D.

"Ideal Body Myrtle Beach has been a HUGE game changer for me. As an athlete it is challenging to cut weight and stay happy. I had a succesful journey to meet my weight cut goal and had more energy than ever. I'm Ideal Body Myrtle Beach for life!" - Justin Decker

Body Fat dropped 6.6% in 6 weeks and gained 4% in Muscle Mass 

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